Pax et Bonum et Semper Fidelis or Don’t Call St. Francis A Sissy!

You’ve no doubt heard of St. Francis of Assisi. This Catholic saint lived during the Medieval Period and was known for being a man of peace and caring for the poor.

In the modern era, however, it looks like things may have changed. I’m wondering if I missed the Quentin Tarantino version of the Life of Saint Francis, one in which the titular character threatens to “get medieval on your assisi”

You see, I passed this car today on the highway.


Semper Fi bumper sticker on St. Francis' car

From this we learn a few things:

The modern St. Francis of Assisi drives a red Impala

The modern St. Francis of Assisi was a marine. Twice.

I take great pictures while I drive

I love irony, so I loved this car. St. Francis’ motto was Pax et Bonum, Latin for “peace and goodness be with you.” He often closely identified with St. Francis Prayer which includes these lines:

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HEED Buys a Hat

Robert Wadlow Tallest ManWhen I was a kid, I loved the Guinness Book of World Records.  I was tall for my age, so I thought I would grow up to be a giant (I failed).  I was fascinated by Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man who grew to be 8 feet 11 inches tall.  I used to wonder, “Where in the world could he buy clothes that fit?”

Little did I know that a similar question would one day apply to me.  My conundrum became, “Where in the world can I buy a hat that fits?”  If you missed it yesterday, I have a colossal cranium.

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