Old Yeller Dog Food. Seriously?

Marketing is a tricky thing.  Big companies spend millions of dollars testing and focus-grouping their marketing strategies, or so I believed until I ran across this at the local Megalo-Groceryland:

A bag of Old Yellar Dog Food.  Seriously?
The Dog Food for Fido’s Last Meal

I promise, this picture is un-retouched.

So let’s review:  Old Yeller is a 1957 Disney film about a Boy and his Beloved Dog in which Boy ultimately has to shoot Beloved Dog because he has rabies.  Yeah, they just don’t make Boy-And-His-Dog movies like they used to.

So Old Yeller Dog Food got me thinking – If they can successfully name a dog food after a rabid dog with a fatal gunshot wound, anything is possible in the world of marketing.  After all, there’s already Amelia Earhart Luggage.  Do those bags ever reach their destination?

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