Political Debate: Not a piece of cake

A very Hobbity cake

The raging debate over Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, reminds me why I largely gave up writing about politics: Nobody tells the whole truth and everyone exaggerates.  (Yes, this is an exaggeration, but I’m talking about politics!)

Political debates and issues really matter, but golly, they wear me out.

With the Indiana RFRA case, the discussion often turns to the example of a conservative Christian couple that was sued because they refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  Are the bakers discriminating or exercising their religious freedom?  Neither?  Both?  I think an appealing solution to this problem would be to pass a law stating that all commercially produced cakes have to look like this:

However, my Bag End Cake Compliance Act (BECCA) seems stalled in committee, so what do we do about this issue in general and about Indiana in particular?

Apparently, what we do is name call and obfuscate.

Both sides claim the other side is lying.  Listening to the news, I’m pretty sure that with RFRA, discrimination will soon be rampant in Indiana and likely throughout the universe in perpetuity.  But, the news also tells me that without RFRA, Jewish bakers will be forced to make cakes for skin heads and the apocalypse will soon come galloping around the corner.

I’m pretty sure neither one is true.  Perhaps we should assemble representatives from both sides and have them calmly debate the issue whilst eating non-offensive cakes from the bakers of their choice.

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2 thoughts on “Political Debate: Not a piece of cake

    • Thanks! Yup, I’m tired of people getting all in each other’s faces with politics. On the other hand, I’m NOT tired of cake…and the Bag End cake seemed a shame to eat, but it was AWESOME. The hobbits would approve, I’m sure.

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