No Random President For You

When I was a teenager I read an Arthur C. Clarke sci-fi novel, Imperial Earth, which was set during the USA’s quincentennial.  The book mentions that in 2276, the US chooses its president for one 6 year term via random computer selection.  After his or her single term, the president has to go back home and face the neighbors.

Back then I thought that was a clever commentary on ambition, ego, and the presidency, but now I’m starting to think its a good idea.

Sadly, though, President Random won’t be appointed this year, so we’re left with the first election in my adult life in which I am currently undecided about what to do.

But maybe (for me at least, if not for our country), this might be a good thing! The parched wasteland that is our presidential options this year is challenging me to think about how I, um, think about presidential elections.

To that end, check out this video that doesn’t pretend to solve the problems of this election, but is thoughtful commentary on how Christians can approach all elections.

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