Oh joy

one man band at the laundromat

When you think of Joy what do you think of?  A dish detergent? An obnoxious daytime talk personality? A candy bar’s last name?

Joy is hard to come by.  If Laughter is a leap, then Joy is a jump.  If you don’t believe me, just ask this guy from a video I’m about to tell you about.

Joy is seriously underrated.

I’m not 100% sure what he’s up to, other than laundry and entertainment, but the video he’s briefly in has everything to do with Joy.  It’s from a band called Rend Collective, about which I know very little except that they have the same last name as the Borg Collective, which is a little frightening.

It’s not a music video.  Check it out!  It’s always easier to get a breath of fresh air about Joy from a guy from Northern Aaarerland.

Please comment below and let me know what you think.  I think Joy has been seriously underrated.

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3 thoughts on “Oh joy

  1. I left an initial comment in response to yours on my site but also wanted to respond here. I so appreciate you sharing this along with your thoughts, “joy is a jump and seriously underrated”. It may sound funny to some but I know you’ll get it when I say, I’m on a pursuit for joy. It’s started in study when (as the video you shared states) joy is commanded! Ha! Love that! The fact that “the joy of the Lord is (our) strength”, etc. Then in my prayers, that He would lift me up in His joy and back to the Scripture again: in His Presence is joy. Well then: I want this. I need this. I will admit I felt the the twinges of bitterness in my heart at one point in this video. I’m thankful. It’s time for that to go, that’s why it was exposed to light through your willingness to share. Thank you brother!! This adventure of life has many times been made richer due to you and yours: this a significant addition. Hurts have nothing on Abba. His love covers all offenses. What an absolutely fantastic reality to experience. I’ll need it again no doubt, but today I hold onto it. With laughter too even! I could literally hear your voice in my head: “Aaarerland”! :)))

    • Ahhh, the joy of the Aaarish! I’m glad you were touched by the video, I was as well, and very often need the reminder. What blessings I miss otherwise!

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