Scotty To Write Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg to Write Star Trek

The rumor has hit the webs that Simon Pegg (Scotty in the 2 most recent Star Trek films) will be co-writing the 50th anniversary Trek movie with director Justin Lin.  See the report here.

I feel like I’ve been thrown into that alternate universe from Mirror Mirror where evil Spock has a goatee, except that this alternate universe is awesome.

You see…

I grew up watching afternoon syndicated reruns of the original Star Trek.

Scotty has always been my favorite Star Trek character.

JJ Abrams has been my TV/Film producing hero since Alias.

JJ Abrams is executive producing Star Trek 3.

3 is my favorite number.

Scotty is co-writing Star Trek 3.

Scotty looks good with a beard.

I look GREAT with a beard.

WHY AM I NOT YET CAST IN THIS MOVIE???  I await Simon Pegg’s response.  Or JJ Abrams’.  Or both.

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2 thoughts on “Scotty To Write Star Trek 3

    • Aye! Let’s see…I’ve been Peter Jackson for Hobbit premieres, I’m supposing I’ll have to be George Lucas for the Star Wars premiere (cuz…beard), I can’t be JJ Abrams for Star Wars or Star Trek (cuz…beard), so what’s my solution for Trek 3?

      Guess I could wear my kilt and say I’m aging, Simon Pegg Scotty (cuz…beard).

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