The Presidential 4 Way Race

Chariots of Fire Foot Race

As I write this, it is March 30, 2016, and people I know across a colorful array of political stripes are being drawn together in their political discussions by a common point of agreement: This Is The Craziest Political Season Of Our Lives.

Unfortunately, those people are wrong.  The craziness is yet to come.  I want to be the first person to say it:  We’re Going To Have A 4 Way Presidential General Election.  I’m not saying I’m wild about it, I’m just saying it’s true.  This race will go down in history as the Chariots of Ire.

The Democrats

For all of you out there with Berning desires, I hate to break it to you, but Hillary is going to be the Democratic nominee.  But fear not!  Like a phoenix rising from the Berning ashes, Mr. Sanders will go rogue and run as an independent.  That’s 2 candidates, leading us to…

The Republicans

There are two possible scenarios, but they both turn out the same.  One outcome is that Trump is denied the nomination at the convention, so he goes rouge and runs as an independent against the Convention Approved Candidate.  The other course is that Trump gets the nomination, only to have some As Yet To Be Named Conservative run against him outside the party, maybe Kid Rock or Ben Stein.  Either way, we end up with 4 major candidates.

The Surprising Conclusion

Great, so now there’s a 4 way race!  Election Day comes, and there is no clear winner (of course), leading to a decision by the Electoral College that they must pick a President, bring peace to the galaxy, and teach both political parties, as well as the voters, a lesson.



Dr. Phil for Presdent
Welcome President Dr Phil!

Who would be your pick as the surprise President?

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