Seriously. Waist Training.

Scout Willis and a corset. What?

Today, America’s Most Trusted News Source, E Entertainment News, has revealed to me several things that I did not know, all through an article on Waist Training.

The original article is here.  In it, I learned these things:

The Young Woman In The Picture Above is Scout Willis (with her sister Tallulah).

I think I’m supposed to know about Scout because she is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.  I knew they named one of their kids Scout, but I couldn’t have told you with certainty whether Scout was a boy or a girl.  Apparently, she is a girl.

Scout sometimes forgets to finish getting dressed.

Tallulah is covering for her, however.

There is a Waist Training Craze.

This is was my final and most important lesson from E!  Based on this article, I did a little research and found that, indeed there is a thing called Waist Training.  It used to be called Wearing A Corset, which, during my lifetime, was generally referred to as Crazy.

Apparently Scout and the other celebrity adherents to the Waist Training Craze missed the day in sociology class where they teach that corsets were one of the expressions of oppressive, Victorian misogyny.  But maybe celebrity kids get to skip that class.

So, it would seem that there are people who think that shoving your guts into an unnaturally smaller space will train them to actually be smaller.  While this seems counterintuitive, or as earlier referenced, Crazy, it is a an appealing notion.  Based on this theory, I’m starting a new fitness craze myself.

JT Adkins’ Superhero Ab Training.

My fitness craze begins as soon as my new wearable fitness apparatus arrives from Amazon.  I call it Superhero Ab Training and I’m really looking forward to the results it will yield.

JT Adkins' Batman Ab Trainer

If only I had known that changing my physique was going to be this easy.

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  1. Get that woman some blocks for her feet, too? And while we’re at it, some neck rings?


    Although, superhero abs? I’m down with that!

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